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Infant Development Study Participation

Thank you for your interest in participating in our study of infant development! 


Infancy and early childhood are critical periods of development. We want to understand what makes a healthy brain! Whether you are still pregnant or already chasing a little one around the house, your child was born pre or full term, was low or typical birth weight, is the oldest or youngest, you can be a part of this important research.


If you are interested in being involved in this exciting and important project, please fill out the following information or contact us at: (401) 338-6943 or for more information.  Participants will receive $125 per completed visit, a fun copy of their brain images, and a thorough developmental assessment of their child.

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As part of the NIH ECHO study, we are working to better understand how environmental influences help build a healthy brain.  The study involves tracking your child’s development using puzzles and games, as well as brain imaging using safe and child-friendly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We will also track their physical growth and ask you to record their activity and sleep from time-to-time.  More specific information and FAQ can be found here.